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The following page is a collection of blog posts detailing with course details available (and coming soon) from I Wanna Be The Dev.

Chatbot: Introduction to Golang and Basic Programming concepts

Chatbot 01
A starter program in Golang, introducing Echobot

Chatbot 02
Expanding echobot with memory. A quick dive into golang slices and arrays

Chatbot 03
Adding long term memory to keep a history of chatbot’s conversations

Chatbot 04
Code organization using separate files and functions

Chatbot 05

Chatbot 06

3d Graphics: Expanding File I/O and Code Structure for the Visual

Uh mazing: 01
An introduction to 3d game development

Uh mazing: 02

Uh mazing: 03

Uh mazing: 04

Uh mazing: 05

Uh mazing: 06

Building an API: Because programs need to communicate

VOTD: 01

VOTD: 02

VOTD: 03

VOTD: 04

VOTD: 05

VOTD: 06

I’ve seen many people discussing whether or not a software developer needs a college degree. Usually both sides come to the conclusion that, “No, a college degree is not needed. It’s just a piece of paper to get one’s foot in the door.” They reach this conclusion, because there are enough successful developers to conclude, based on the data, that a degree isn’t needed. I tend to disagree. Because overwhelmingly – software developers do need a degree. But it isn’t for the reason you might expect.

A college degree is a huge boon to regular every day software developers in the corporate world. Why? Because it provides a framework for communication. I got my degree over 10 years ago now. However, I can talk to recent college graduates using the concepts I learned in college. I know what to expect out of a strong graduate, or someone who skated by. All of this on just a few questions. So – is a college degree necessary? No – not absolutely. Are there advantages in getting a degree? Yes. Absolutely.

Hopefully the courses above will help provide something useful for those who have not gained a degree – or for those looking to pursue one.

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